Why Competition Is Important

Everyone wants to ensure that they become the best at whichever endeavor, sport, or activity they are engaged in. It doesn’t matter if is in academics, sports or one’s career. If you are engaged in a venture you are passionate about, you will desire to be the best at it.

This psychological compulsion to desire to win in the face of adversity is something that everyone feels from a young stage. Many esteemed scientific journals have tried to determine whether this is due to nature or nurture. All evidence points to this desire being a combination of nature and nurture.

As it stands, competition is something inherent in a person’s life. Competition is good for overall personality development. It has been said that competition is about power and trying to assert it. However, it can also be argued that competition is actually about approval. Power has a wider implication, while competition has the implication of trying to achieve a certain goal.

Many people channel their competitive energy through sports. Children usually find a sport that they are interested in, and this can help to bring out their spirit of competition in them. Whether they want to try individual sports or team sports is a matter of preference for each child. Many schools use plastic medals for children’s competitions because they are economical. No matter what the sport is, children will be able to express their competitive spirit through athleticism.

Competitions help to teach children that no goal can be achieved easily. There are many other people who are trying to achieve the same goals as you, and they are also working hard at it. When someone is not able to achieve this goal, it may initially dishearten them. However, this can also help to teach them about humility and handling a loss gracefully.

In addition, if you are playing an individual sport or competition, you can still learn a lot about can still group behavior. Your training will depend on attaining help from coaches and other people who are also training in the sport with you. This can teach you how to work successfully with many different people.

Many people are interested in the prize that they would get. This is something that motivates a lot of different people, ranging from athletes to employees. For many people, this is a way for them to show the world the goals they have achieved. Awards are permanent and can continue to remind people of the achievements that they have made, long after the occasion has passed.

Athletes often start off by winning local competitions and tournaments, before moving on to national level competitions and international competitions if they are skilled enough. If the sport they are playing is an Olympic sport, then their entire country often tunes in to watch every move they make in. Olympic athletes often hope to win the gold medal.

Employees also strive to contribute to the continued success of their companies. Many companies utilize an Employee of the Month award to maintain office morale. There are many awards and medals for organizers and coaches to choose from, including bronze, acrylic, and plastic medals.