Dare To Wear Sumo Suit

Wrestling is indeed a fascinating sport to watch, be it theatrical wrestling (as we see on TV) or real wrestling (as we see in school meets). Throw in the idea of seemingly obese men in what look to be thongs grappling, about to overpower each other, and you just amp up the fascination. Not a lot of people get to experience being a sumo wrestler. You know you don’t simply have a defeatist attitude when you tell yourself there’s no way you’re ever going to be one, and it doesn’t even have anything to do about not being Japanese; there’s the weight factor as well, of course. I doubt regular folks would be willing to gain all that weight just to pursue sumo wrestling as a career choice.

Unless you have a similar body type, you can’t even experience trying it out for a day. This used to be all true until someone came up with the idea of doing a sumo suit hire. Parties, team building sessions, and other events can now be more happening with a sumo suit hire. You know you have an option of good, clean fun with a sumo wrestling hire.

Basically, this involves a wrestling mat and a pair of inflatable suits designed to make participants look like sumo wrestlers, from the body bulk to the hairdo. To set it up, you need to find a flat surface free of any sticks, sharp objects, protruding objects, or anything else that could poke holes into the suits. To allow for spectators, you need to choose a place that measures at least about eight square metres. Once you’ve found the right spot, unroll the mat in the middle and place the suits on it. To don the suit, you need to step into it a leg at a time with the Velcro side ending up on your back.

After this, you add the neck brace, helmet, and gloves to safeguard against possible injuries. Of course, pretend sumo wrestlers can’t just go at it willy-nilly; there should be rules to prevent any untoward incidents. For starters, participants need to be a certain height (over 150 cms tall) and age (at least 13 years old) to be able to join. They have to remove all accessories before putting on the suits.

There must also be a spotter as they put on or get out of their suits as it’s possible for them to fall over and be unable to get up. Besides sharp objects, sticky and wet substances should also be removed from the chosen area. Wrestling in inflatable sumo suits is definitely a very unique entertainment option. It’s a barrel of laughs to do or even just to watch. If you want your next shindig to be extra memorable, try letting your guests experience sumo wrestling in this super fun way.

Tips To Manage Running Charity

We all have special causes that pull at our heartstrings. It may be diabetes or heart disease, Alzheimer’s or cancer, abused women and children or a local event to help a citizen of the community. Most often the cause is something dear, a disease or condition that a love one has or has had or that took away a life. Fulfilling the role of organizer and project coordinator is a job you might enjoy. It will enrich your life and add to your personal sense of well-being while increasing awareness for friends and neighbors. Two years ago I began our local walk/run for Alzheimer’s disease. Each year it has grown and each year more people express their thanks that they can participate in something important and know that they are making a difference.

So suppose you want to design a walk/run. First, find a locale. Do you want the event inside where you count time or laps or outside where you set up a course? Do you have a distance in mind? A first event might just be a 3K (about 1.5 miles) or if you are in the gym, say, 50 laps. It is not hard to make the event longer, it just takes a bit more planning to get the course outlined. Name your event something that relates to the cause, something fun and catchy. Play with words until the right combination emerges. Add a logo, too, again something that relates to the cause and/or the day of the event. Decide on price and a goal. Is your goal big money or public awareness? In my town we charge $25 for adults and they receive a great long-sleeved shirt. We pay about $11 for these through a local business. People love them and rave about the quality and how nice it was to have long sleeves. The rest of the proceeds stay local for Alzheimer’s education and caregiver respite.

To get the community involved you will need publicity such as posters, flyers, radio announcements, and community interest spots on television. Most folks in charge of radio and TV stations are helpful and supportive. Recruit high school students to distribute posters and flyers, do radio and TV spots, manage the route or count laps on event day, and run errands for you. Honor society and student council members are always looking for service hours and your cause might be a perfect fit.

The night before the event run around and grab all of the essentials: PA system, tables and chairs for registration helpers, special notes for the announcer, treats for after the event, and so forth. Rise early the morning of and check out the course for obstacles and surprises. Then head to the start line a couple of hours early. Have paper and pens for registration, shirts organized by size (if you are handing them out), raffle prizes or other items folks can win just for attending and supporting the cause, and goodies for the finish line. At our walk/race we have bananas, water, and chocolate milk. You may not know this but that last one is the prized award at many races and coveted by runners. Local businesses will usually donate to a cause as worthy as yours.

If you are inside play music; if you are outside have people along the route with their radios playing or have the local high school cheerleaders in uniform chanting and singing as well as directly the flow of participants. These add to the festivities. It is fun to take pictures of people beforehand or out on the route. It is an excellent gift and good PR for next year. Local sports teams like to help out and it is a fine way to get community recognition. The track and cross-country teams are ideal for running events as are wrestlers, soccer, volleyball, and basketball players. Kids come and so do their parents and friends.

It is really pretty easy to start an event – a little pre-planning, a little publicity, some volunteers for registration, an announcer, people along the route to send runners/walkers in the right direction, and awards at the end. Everyone leaves with that satisfied feeling of having participated in an important cause.

How To Shoot Like Pro

Have you followed the rifle shooting event at the Olympics every time it is aired on TV? Are you interested in learning the art and try your hand at shooting? Have you enrolled yourself in a prestigious rifle shooting academy? That is a good beginning. Shooting is all about focus, concentration, timing, accuracy and precision. Lifting the rifle or handgun, aiming at the target and firing may sound easy just to listen. But in actual, practicing the art is very difficult and it requires special skill set. The shooting academy have a structured course work where in they teach everything about guns, rifles, ammunition, target shooting aiming etc.

But to perfect in an art and become a professional shooter, one must practice hard and also follow expert advice. There are five prime tips that professional shooters share for the benefit of aspiring shooters. Here they are:

Learn theory

The first step towards becoming a professional shooter is to learn the theory behind shooting. Knowledge of guns, their body, their make, how to load and unload bullets, how to dismantle a gun and assemble them back, how to clean a gun, how to fire the trigger etc are some basics that every shooter should know first and foremost. Apart from these, one must also test their vision and assure they have the best eyesight before beginning their dedicated training.

Use sights to assist in shooting

Many shooters will have a problem with hand control and accuracy. The professional shooters suggest these amateurs to try their drills by supporting their body on the ground or on a bench by placing the rifle firmly on the ground so that it does not shake. Also they can use sights and scopes to assist them in firing the target. This will be really helpful for the beginners.

Laser driven shooting

Among the sights that assist shooting, laser range finders are the most appropriate for first time shooters. Above the firing pin, there will be a laser streaming through which one can identify where they should shoot- the exact location. These laser training devices help one to get good hold over the target positioning and hand eye co-ordination. There is a laser ammo training concept as well which shooting academies use to train their students so that their shots are perfect and hit the bull’s eye with great accuracy.

Trigger control

According to professional shooters, if one can master the art of trigger control, they have cleared half their struggle. Different guns have different triggers and hence each one must be handled differently. To overcome poor trigger control, the shooters must understand sight alignment and trigger pull. Initially, instructors teach how to fire by guiding the shooters to pull trigger. But as they understand the concept, to master in kinesthetic the instructor allows the shooter to fire their target themselves. This increases their expertise and polishes their skills.


Every professional practice an art called Go-to-drill that helps them to train better. Each professional has his own drill pattern namely ball and dummy or focus drill at close range, dry fire and coin on sight, first shot drill etc which helps them to turn competitive and build their skill set. Following this and practicing rigorously can try a newbie shooter into a specialist within some time.

How To Motivate During Coaching

Coaching Diversity in Sports

Sports is the pinnacle entertainment around the world and especially in America but an issue that has been ongoing for quite some time now is how small the diversity is among coaches on teams. Most of the pro sports teams and collegiate level sports coaches’ demographics is middle age white Anglo-Saxon men. In 4 major sports leagues the percentage of minority coaches is at most all together about 20 percent which is a very small number. In the NFL, MLB, and college football minority head coaches represent about 3-10 percent while the NBA has the biggest representation which is about 12-40 percent which is a gradual big difference. This is taken to account all minorities specifically black but other minorities like women, Latinos, and other races percentage representations are even smaller than that. In the society that we live in today where barriers are breaking literally every day this number is appalling. In recent years’ sports commissioners have tried to diversify their coaching in their leagues we have more minorities being hired but they are basically replacing the ones that are getting fired.

Some recent success has been the NBA hiring the first ever full time assistant coach for an NBA team the San Antonio Spurs Becky Hammon has been a trailblazer and climbing up the NBA ladder. Even in football women are becoming a more familiar face to see on the sidelines not as coaches but as trainers, strength and conditioning type roles so some progress is being made but a lot of work still needs to be done. I think the root of the issue with sports not being so diverse is that the people in power of these sports leagues and teams are old school men raised up in the 40’s and 50’s who are wealthy owners that just have not got with the times of the new age. These men are set in their ways and until new blood comes in they will stay stuck in their ways and little progress will be made.

Some ideas to move sports leagues into being more diverse is maybe giving a quota that their needs to be this percentage of minority coaches in leagues or the whole league gets fined. This idea forces leagues to recruit and seek minority coaches and in a lot of times minority coaches are highly qualified more qualified than the majority coaches but are never given the chance. There is so many different ideas we could try to fix this issue just by giving those deserving and qualified members a chance to prove themselves as coaches. Also, with more diverse coaches comes different styles of play and ideas for those coaches to influence their teams making competition more exciting to watch and attract more people that maybe sports don’t attract, just because they have a woman coaching a male team or a Black or Latino coaching a team like BYU or Yale. The more spectators and higher TV ratings the more money that the teams and their owners are making and that’s really all the wealthy old owners care about in the end is making money.

In the end a solution and progress needs to happen soon with the recent current events that are going on in society today sports are one the last sources of entertainment that has been around the longest that needs to conform and start making these changes for the better because they will not hurt in the long run sports has stood the test of time.