Why Get Medals Will Affect Your Life

Everybody wants to be recognized for their efforts. Regardless of what they do, in studies, work or athletics everyone wants to be known for being good at what they do. This is why you will find that in many areas of life, there are recognition awards to strive for. Many famous events, such as the Olympics in sports and the Nobel Prize in various fields of science, award the best and brightest in their respective fields with awards for the effort that they have put into their field.

So as you can see, medals are not just restricted to sports. Just think about where you are working right now. Undoubtedly there will be some kind of employee recognition system in place to reward the employees who put their all into their work, such as the employee of the month award, which can be awarded in the form of many different kinds of awards, most commonly seen as a plaque.

A medal, or indeed, an award itself, is much more than just a simple reminder to the person who has won it that they have achieved something. It can also motivate them to continue their hard work and dedication, and ensure that their field is all the richer for it. Once someone wins a medal or a trophy, they feel the need to add more to their collection, and you don’t need to look too far to see that this is a rather common occurrence. Think about Marie Curie, who has won two Nobel Prizes in two entirely different areas of study! Michael Phelps who has won 18 Olympic gold medals, and an unbelievable total of 22 medals in swimming!

In order to build such a champion spirit in children it is necessary to put the children into sports or letting them enter into competitions as regularly as possible. It will not only help to expose them to their competitors it will also push them to want to be the best among them. These days many parents want to shield their children from the potential pitfalls which can arise when the children lose; however, they lose out even more if they are not entered into competitions as they will not be able to get a feel for their field, and they will also not be able to tell them what their potential skill level is. It is very easy to believe that one is the best in their respective sport, but once they have actually competed against someone they will be able to gauge much more accurately where they stand.

There are a number of competitive sports events which are specifically designed for children, such as Ironkids, where children can compete in athletic courses and events to test their strength, advance themselves, and participate in a competitive event. Events like Ironkids get kids active and are great for building their morale.