Exercises You Should Try Before Game

Knowing the rules and regulations of playing netball is a must if you are serious about being good in this sport. Having and wearing the right sports attire and other essential items and gears is important as well to make sure that you safely play this game. And before you play a practice game or a real one, there is also one thing that you need to do as well: the right warm up exercises.

Warming up properly can help condition your body and mind for an upcoming netball game. It is also a reliable way of avoiding and preventing injuries.

Below are some of the most recommended warm up exercises you should do before a game of netball:

• Lightly jog around the court for a few minutes. This will condition the muscles in your leg and feet for all the running you will have to do during the game.

• Stretch your toes. Do this by drawing circles clock and counter-clockwise with your toes. Repeat this exercise at least 4 times. Next, point your toes out straight for 5 seconds and then lift your heel up in the air for 5 seconds. Do this with each foot at least 3 times.

• Work your calf muscles. Place one foot in front of you. With the other foot behind you, press your front foot forward into the ground until you feel some pressure to stretch your calf. Don’t stretch too hard since you could injure your calf. Maintain this position for at least 10 seconds then swap over to the other foot and stretch the other calf.

• Stretch out your hamstring or thigh muscles. Start by holding on to something steady to keep your balance. Bring one leg up behind you so you are holding your foot up to your bottom. Hold this position for 10 seconds. You will start feeling some pressure in your thigh muscles. After 10 seconds, do the other leg.

• Stretch your arms up to the sky. Hold this for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise at least 5 times.

• Pull one arm across your chest while hold your elbow with the other hand to stretch your shoulder muscles. Count to 10 and repeat this position with the other arm.

• Roll your shoulders in circles, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Do at least 10 circles for each shoulder.

• Shake your arms and legs to loosen the muscles in these body parts.