Dare To Wear Sumo Suit

Wrestling is indeed a fascinating sport to watch, be it theatrical wrestling (as we see on TV) or real wrestling (as we see in school meets). Throw in the idea of seemingly obese men in what look to be thongs grappling, about to overpower each other, and you just amp up the fascination. Not a lot of people get to experience being a sumo wrestler. You know you don’t simply have a defeatist attitude when you tell yourself there’s no way you’re ever going to be one, and it doesn’t even have anything to do about not being Japanese; there’s the weight factor as well, of course. I doubt regular folks would be willing to gain all that weight just to pursue sumo wrestling as a career choice.

Unless you have a similar body type, you can’t even experience trying it out for a day. This used to be all true until someone came up with the idea of doing a sumo suit hire. Parties, team building sessions, and other events can now be more happening with a sumo suit hire. You know you have an option of good, clean fun with a sumo wrestling hire.

Basically, this involves a wrestling mat and a pair of inflatable suits designed to make participants look like sumo wrestlers, from the body bulk to the hairdo. To set it up, you need to find a flat surface free of any sticks, sharp objects, protruding objects, or anything else that could poke holes into the suits. To allow for spectators, you need to choose a place that measures at least about eight square metres. Once you’ve found the right spot, unroll the mat in the middle and place the suits on it. To don the suit, you need to step into it a leg at a time with the Velcro side ending up on your back.

After this, you add the neck brace, helmet, and gloves to safeguard against possible injuries. Of course, pretend sumo wrestlers can’t just go at it willy-nilly; there should be rules to prevent any untoward incidents. For starters, participants need to be a certain height (over 150 cms tall) and age (at least 13 years old) to be able to join. They have to remove all accessories before putting on the suits.

There must also be a spotter as they put on or get out of their suits as it’s possible for them to fall over and be unable to get up. Besides sharp objects, sticky and wet substances should also be removed from the chosen area. Wrestling in inflatable sumo suits is definitely a very unique entertainment option. It’s a barrel of laughs to do or even just to watch. If you want your next shindig to be extra memorable, try letting your guests experience sumo wrestling in this super fun way.